2012 Florida State Football Schedule Released

  • September 1st: Murray State
  • September 8th: Savannah State
  • September 15th: Wake Forest
  • September 22nd: Clemson
  • September 29th: @ USF
  • October 6th: @ NC State
  • October 13th: Boston College
  • October 20th: @ Miami
  • October 27th: Duke
  • November 3rd: Bye Week
  • November 8th (THURSDAY): @ Virginia Tech
  • November 17th: @ Maryland
  • November 24th: Florida

Thank you ACC, you did a fantastic job creating the 2012 Florida State football schedule. The 12-game schedule is about as good of a schedule as the ‘Noles could have asked for given the predetermined matchups. Here;s a break down of the pros and cons to the 2012 schedule.


  1. Florida State will have a very easy schedule leading up to the most important game of the season against Clemson. Yes, this game will be more important than the Florida, Miami, USF and Virginia Tech games as it will likely decide the Atlantic Division champion. Two FCS opponents and Wake Forest to start the season should allow the ‘Noles to get rid of any rust from the offseason while maintaining a healthy lineup.
  2. Miami game is in between Boston College and Duke. Yes, Miami will be pretty bad next season after losing a ton of talent from the 2011 squad. However, it is still a rivalry game and will be played in Miami so having it played in between games against two of the worst ACC teams  is a good thing for Florida State.
  3. Florida State essentially has two bye weeks prior to the crucial Virginia Tech Thursday night showdown. Not only did the ACC give FSU the week off prior to the VT game, but the prior game will be in Tallahassee against a weak Duke team. This is much better than traveling to Boston College on a 4-day rest like last season.
  4. Limited time away from Florida. Florida State will have 7 home games in 2012. And among the 5 road games, 2 of them will be played in Florida (@ USF and @ Miami). Also, only once during the 2012 season will the ‘Noles have back-to-back games out of the state of Florida.


  1. Back-to-back road games following a high-energy Clemson game. As stated earlier, the matchup against Clemson is the most important game of the season. However, following that game, FSU will travel to Tampa to gain revenge on USF. Teams are highly prone to letdowns following an emotional win or loss and USF is a team that can take advantage of this. Then following the USF game, FSU must travel to play an improved NC State team in a tough environment.
  2. Playing in Blacksburg, Virginia on a Thursday night. Yes, the ‘Noles will benefit from plenty of rest and prep time prior to traveling to Virginia Tech. However, it is difficult to find a more difficult stadium to play in on a Thursday night than Lane Stadium.

The ‘Noles should be favored in almost every single game of the regular season. Depending on how well the Hokies are playing, the ‘Noles might be the underdogs in that matchup given the time and location of the game. Clemson and Florida both must travel to Tallahassee, making the ‘Noles the likely favorites in each of those games. The ACC didn’t screw the Seminoles over as they did last season. Each of the tougher games in 2012 are spread out pretty well for the most part unlike the Oklahoma and Clemson games in 2011.

Another benefit is having West Virginia off the schedule. Although many FSU fans would have loved to watch that game in Tally on September 8th, having Savannah State on the schedule instead will help the ‘Noles remain healthy prior to the start of the ACC season as well as make the road to an undefeated season more possible. If WVU didn’t back out, FSU would be facing two teams they lost to last season (WF and Clemson) in between West Virginia and USF. That would be a tough way to begin the season. Thankfully we can all feel at ease as the 2012 schedule is definitely in Florida State’s favor.


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