FSU Football Attendance Finally Rises

For the first time in several seasons, the average attendance at Doak S. Campbell Stadium increased from the previous season. The increase from 2010 to 2011 wasn’t a small increase either, the addition of over 6,500 fans per game was a significant impact. A home game against Oklahoma in week 3 brought “College Gameday” to campus as well as a record crowd of 84,392 fans to Doak Campbell Stadium. Certainly that game helped increase attendance but other games this season were highly attended as well despite the Seminoles going on a 3-game losing streak in the first half of the season.

The NC State game had 80,849 fans in attendance and Miami had 82,322. The lowest attended games were Louisiana-Monroe and Maryland, but each of those game still had over 72,000 tickets sold.

Attendance at Doak Campbell Stadium has been an issue over the past few seasons after the average attendance was at an all-time high in 2003. Every season since 2003, the attendance has dropped, except for a slight increase of 65 fans per game from 2006 to 2007. Even though the ‘Noles have been in the top-20 in the nation in average attendance on a yearly basis ever since Doak expanded, the drop in numbers still made headlines in recent seasons. Although the average attendance failed to hit 80k for the 4th-consecutive season, the numbers in 2011 were near the numbers reached in 2008 and Florida State managed to end the streak of decreasing attendace.

544,883 was the total attendance in 2011 at Doak over 7 home games. The average attendance of 77,842 was 94.58% of the stadium’s capacity and the average attendace currently ranks #18 among the 120 FBS schools. Even if FSU would have sold out every game this season, they’d still only be ranked #14 in attendance due to other stadiums in the nation being larger than Doak. Clemson is the only ACC school with a larger average attendance this season than Florida State, the Tigers have an attendance of 78,234 per game this year.

Here are the average attendances at Doak Campbell Stadium since it peaked in 2003:

  • 2003: 83,149
  • 2004: 82,841
  • 2005: 82,724
  • 2006: 80,532
  • 2007: 80,597
  • 2008: 77,968
  • 2009: 74, 345
  • 2010: 71,270
  • 2011: 77,842


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